We specialise in helping people who embark on Do It Yourself (DIY) projects.


Whether your refurbishing your home, undertaking an extension\renovation or building your dream property we can guide you through every step of the way.This is a great to save money and be in control of your own project.

Some of the services we provide that we know will help:

Plan and arrange an appointment to design trusses that meet your design.

Help you avoid the basic traps in construction.

Deliver your products on-time and on-budget.

If you are considering doing a building project on your own home or small commercial buildingthen come see us for trusted advice.We adopt the latest software and manufacture all our products on site.

When doing a DIY project like your own home or an investment property you are responsible for obtaining building permits, supervising or undertaking the building work, and ensuring the work meets building regulations and standards. Heyden build to your requirements, on time and the best quality products.

Our highly skilled team will handle all aspects of your project, including planning, permits, construction and approvals. Our roof trusses and wall frames are made to order, so you can best rest assured you will have what you need for your project.

Our expert team can transform your plans to a dream property. Whether you wish to small or large projects, existing or new homes – we can help you as an DIY expert.

What do you need for a successful DIY project: 

  • We know you want  value for money
  • Quality materials delivered on site and on time 
  • Obtaining all necessary council and authority approvals 
  • Ensure that the outcome is a great home or commercial property. 
  • Have more control over the project, including design 
  • Enjoy more flexibility and involvement from concept to completion of your project

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new-build, renovating a home or property or extending your current home, we have all the products you need along with the experts to help your project run without a hitch. 

At Heyden’s Frame & Truss, we always build our trusses and frames to AS1684 Australian Standards. We do not just make our products for homes on the Central Coast, we also design and engineer them. In fact, we welcome your designs and will implement them for you. We also offer free quotes for our projects.

We can assist you with any planning application questions, building control, to help you along with the building process. 

Contact us today and our professionals will be glad to speak with you.

Explore our website and be sure to contact us to discuss your next project.










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