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Act Now on the new NSW Stamp Duty
changes to purchase your New Home

Whether you’re an owner builder or operating your own small construction company, here is some good news for you. This will free you from worrying about the slowdown of business, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The state government is introducing some help for the construction sector, so now you can prepare to order your construction equipment such as roof trusses and other building components for your dream home.

The government of NSW has announced that stamp duties will be eliminated for first-time home buyers, who buy newly built homes for up to $800,000. The waiver also extends to vacant land worth $400,000. This means that if you buy a new home for your family, which is valued at $800,000 and you have not bought a home previously, you will be able to save up to $31,335 on stamp duties.



Stamp duty is a tax imposed by the government of all states and territories in Australia. In a broader sense, it is applied also on the sale or transfer of assets, whether personal or business related.


This elimination of stamp duty will benefit both the first home buyers and the construction sector, which includes roof truss companies. With these big savings, it is predicted that about 6,000 people will take this opportunity; to buy their new family home, thereby boosting the home construction industry in NSW and supporting the jobs that it creates.

Home buyers now have an incentive for a quick decision about buying a new home now. There is no time to wait, as the waiver will only last for 12 months, starting from August 1, 2020. The waiver doesn’t apply to existing properties; but only to those that are newly built. With the possibility of 6,000 prospective buyers, this is the time to act and revive your dreams of a new home; that may have been impacted by the pandemic-induced shutdown.

If you are looking for the best suppliers for your construction materials in the area, then Heyden Frame and Truss is among those roof truss companies in NSW; that you could trust and depend on for your timber products requirements.

We are experts in engineered timber wall roof frames and trusses made right here in Australia. Only the highest quality materials are used in all our fabrications, which is why we deliver strong, durable, and long lasting products.

With this change in stamp duty, it is also expected that competition among roof truss companies will be fierce, which is good for us. We keep our prices down and we invest in a state-of-the-art equipment, besides looking for ways at reducing the costs even further for you. We offer computer designed roof trusses that are made to order in our controlled facilities. This allows us to have quality control of all our finished products. We also use Australian timber that meets current safety standards, as well as environmentally friendly.

Please contact us for an obligation-free quote on (02) 4351 2616 or visit us at www.heydenframeandtruss.com.au

You can also send your building plans to us and we would happy to work out a budget for you and help you through the construction process. We know our years of experience working with owner builders and small building companies is sure to be of benefit to you.

Our service areas include Sydney, Gosford, Central Coast, Newcastle and surrounding areas.

We supply and deliver all over Northern Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

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