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Are you an owner builder in Northern Sydney,
Newcastle or the Central Coast?

When you build on your own property, you are an ‘owner builder’. Owner-builders are liable for the entire project. They assume the role of a construction professional. They may also be have obligations once the building work is complete. Making sure your building’s structure is sound is critical so you need an great frame and truss supplier.


Pre-fabricated truss and frame products are a great solution for owner-builders. Trusses are quick to erect and cost effective. They can be installed without heavy equipment or a lot of prep. A truss is built in a factory and delivered to the site.


Whatever you are planning to build, pre-fabricated truss and frame products ensure it is structurally sound. It also drives down installation and construction costs.


Our range of timber truss and frame items

All of our timber roof, wall and roof trusses are prefabricated in a controlled facility. We use the latest computer-guided technologies and have the highest qualifications. Your trusses and frames will be delivered to you on time and meeting exact specifications. You save time, space and money. Our products include:



Floor truss: Your flooring will be made to your specifications and delivered to your premises. Installing these lightweight frame items means cost efficiencies and high load-bearing qualities. They are versatile, allowing you to easily install plumbing, wiring and ducting.

Wall frame: Precision prefabrication to the correct dimensions. Install with a small team and without expensive machinery.

Roof truss: Reduce labour costs and save money by using these precise roof trusses. Eliminate timber wastage and human error. Fast installation can help avoid weather delays keeping your project on time.

The benefits of choosing Heyden Frame and Truss

Our company has a proud record of providing the highest quality trusses and frames. They are compliant with all Australian Standards and certified for your project. We coordinate with owner builders on specifications, location of tie-down points and delivery dates. Our help keeps your project on track.

Heyden Frame and Truss has completed residential projects across Northern Sydney, Newcastle or the Central Coast. We provide precise, prefabricated truss and framing solutions that  match your specifications and save you time and money.

We can provide quotes, budgets, and advice. Please contact us on (02) 4351 2616 and speak to one of our experts. Visit us at www.heydenframeandtruss.com.au if you need more info about our products and services.


We service the regions of Sydney, Gosford, Newcastle, Central Coast, and surrounding areas.

We supply and deliver all over Northern Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

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