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Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy Roof Trusses?

Do you have a building or roofing project coming up? There is a lot to organise, so you can prepare for possible price fluctuations, and you’ll also have plenty of time to order materials. Material prices for timber trusses are increasing over the past year, the demand for building and roofing in Australia has grown significantly. Maybe you’re trying to find out, which which option costs less – to build or buy your roof trusses.

When you decide to build roof trusses, it means that you will engage a competent architect or engineer to prepare drawings and the on-site installation. This will guarantee the installation. Remember, building roof trusses is generally not a do-it-yourself job, unless you are a structural engineer or builder . When trusses are not installed correctly, it can lead to roof and interior wall damage.

Now let’s consider some factors to find the price estimate of building roof trusses:

  1. Firstly, you will have to obtain a building permit before you can construct. Please be aware that you will have to spend around 15% of your total costing in council fees and permits and you’ll have to go through a lot of red tape, before your actual design is finalised.
  2. Then the prices of materials, especially timber has increased due to lack of supply from overseas, so you can expect to spend between $1.50 and $4.50 per sq ft of your building, on materials alone. It could be more for complex truss designs. The location of your roofing project will also dictate the total amount to spend on trusses.

Roof TrussWhen you buy prefabricated roof trusses, the manufacturer will assist you in securing council permits. For example, when you order roof trusses from Heyden Frame and Truss, you don’t have to worry acquiring appropriate fees from the council. They will be the legwork, while giving you enough time to focus on other aspects of your project.

Heyden Frame and Truss prefabricates timber roof trusses, which reduce the cost of labour and promotes quick and easy assembly. The trusses are built offsite, in a controlled facility. This system of buying premade trusses is cheaper and faster than building it on-site and are great for bigger homes, with an open concept. Cheaper, because you do not have to deal with the costs that are incurred, when building a truss.

For installation of prefabricated timber roof trusses, the only equipment that you need is a crane, which is provided by the manufacturer. and because the roof truss assembly is premade, this means that little or no waste is created on-site. This avoids on-site  accumulation and the need for disposal, which would include more costs.

The above considerations clearly state that it would be cheaper to buy roof trusses from a manufacturer like Heyden Frame and Truss, rather than build them on-site.

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