Timber is a renewable resource, and one of the most durable, long lasting building materials known. Structures framed with timber can stand indefinitely with relatively minimal input. They are more fire, earthquake and wind proof than steel and concrete buildings, hence the need to create beautifully structured frameworks. 

We provide design services for timber structures that make them more fire, earthquake and wind proof.

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Our designs are dynamic; they can be taken apart, reassembled and reconfigured at any time. 

Our speciality is in MiTek development software solutions for structural timber engineering and the provision of steel connector products for our floor and roofing systems.

MiTek’s leading software solutions allow our technicians to provide the innovative design solutions that client need. 

However if you had contracted the service of an architect we can work around your designs to make sure they are well executed.

We also provide drawings suitable for planning projects however big or small they may be.The MiTek software programs provide fast and cost efficient assistanceWe offer complete home designs on a small or large scale, we design custom homes from scratch, and we offer in-house design services to suit your land, lifestyle and budget. Depending on your requirements, we can either modify your own design or install one of our pre-designed timber frame plans.

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We have collaborated in the timber frame industry for over 3 decades and have designed and overseen hundreds of custom home plans for timber frame and post beam homes, prefab homes, additions, sheds and garages. 

Our ability to develop complete, custom construction  drawings of the home of your dreams makes one of the many home building processes more easy and enjoyable for you. Perhaps you’re looking for a hybrid timber frame building, an exterior add-on or simply timber trusses. No matter the project, we can deliver.

Our talented designers will work with you to develop your new designs. With this service, floor plans and elevations are created based on sketches and specifications. Cross-sections, details and a foundation plan are produced for you to give your builders, engineers and to submit for permits. 

Our design software is compatible with our cutting machines to ensure that all our timbers are cut precisely and the joinery is a tight fit.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs for your new project. 

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