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Prefab Homes

Are you looking for a building design or a house design? Whether it’s a new home for your family or a base for your business, it’s important to consider functionality and aesthetics in equal measure.


Heyden Frame and Truss have years of experience building and fixing roofs and trusses of all types and sizes. We offer advice on timber frames and trusses and also help our clients to design smart and practical homes. We do this with efficiency and cost in mind.

Why your building design or house design matters

Buildings, whether they’re homes, offices, retail spaces, or something else, are designed to last a lifetime or more. Moreover, the build’s durability, stability, and security should be the top priorities of any building designer.


A high-quality building or house design can have a major impact on the success of your building project. A good design can:

  • Reduce the cost of materials and labour
  • Increase the strength and security of the building
  • Protect the building from weather damage
  • Create distinctive and unique properties
  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property
  • Create distinctive and unique properties
  • Set the style and tone of the building
  • Impact the energy rating of the building

Whether you’re opting for a minimal office building with geometric lines, low ceilings, and high energy efficiency or a stylish luxury home with vaulted ceilings, these decisions occur during the design stage of your project.

Getting your frame and truss just right

  • Light and shade
  • Energy efficiency
  • Building strength and stability
  • Exterior style

Also, no matter how much money you spend on construction and decoration, if your building foundations are weak, this will affect the security and look of your building for the whole of its lifespan.

How you can benefit from our building and house design expertise

Working with an experienced frame and truss supplier means you can benefit from years of extensive knowledge and expertise from a team of people who have worked on hundreds of properties.


At Heyden Frame and Truss, we help our clients at all building or house design and build stages. We also offer expert recommendations on effective, efficient designs for frames and trusses that suit your requirements no matter what they are.


Taking our advice can save you time and money and ensure that your new build goes to plan from the moment that construction starts. We provide innovative design solutions to all our clients, each tailored to the individual project requirements.

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