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Finding The Right Timber Truss And Wall Frame Supplier For Your Home

Timber truss and wall frame suppliers.

When choosing a supplier for your timber truss and wall frame needs, ensure you do your research first.

Heyden Frame and Truss know it’s important to build your home with quality,  reliable materials. They need to be made by suppliers you can trust. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to finding the right supplier for your home.

Have accessible, industry-standard designs.

When designing your home, keep comprehensive lists of your needs. Timber truss and frame quantities, sizes and materials. Talking to suppliers and presenting these designs, helps you get an idea of how dedicated they will be.

You should ask them if they are able to provide exact specifications.

Roof trusses and wall framesTimber truss house are manufactured off-site. This is done in a controlled environment to make installation on-site as efficient as possible, saving labour costs.

Before deciding on a supplier, you should research off-site manufacturing processes. You should look into the quality of material they use. Also, research the equipment they use and their environmental impact. 

Ask about delivery and delay compensation.

Reduce long periods of storage. Get delivery of your roof trusses and wall frames as close to the installation date as possible.

Check estimated delivery times for your proposed timber truss and frame order. Where do they deliver to? What days do they deliver? To ensure you find a responsible supplier, ask them about their compensation for delayed deliveries.

Ask for technical documentation and advice about timber truss and wall frames.

A good supplier should provide service after the delivery. Some suppliers offer a technical library and design team. These are useful for assembly, installation, and maintenance of your timber truss and wall frames.

Heyden Frame and Truss are committed to our customers and to providing quality service.

For more information about finding the right timber truss and wall frame supplies, call our dedicated customer service team.

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