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Timber Flooring Systems


Timber flooring systems have been in use for many years. They are recognised as the best way to create strong foundations for your new home. Central Coast timber flooring systems are available across the whole region.
Looking for a strong, durable and eco friendly structure for your home? Don’t go past a Heyden Frame and Truss prefabricated timber flooring system.

What can I expect from my Central Coast Timber Flooring Systems?

Timber flooring systems are the use of any timber product engineered for use as flooring. The timber flooring systems material comes in various styles, colours, cuts, and specific forms. It all depends on the engineering method the manufacturer uses. 

Our timber floor systems are engineered and designed to achieve complete structural compliance. Acoustic, fire and thermal performance are also things that can be considered.

A well structured timber floor will last a lifetime. It is durable, healthier, better for the environment, and a statement for your home! The timber floor will retain its original condition for the life time of your home.

We specialise in Owner Builder and DIY renovation projects.

We cover the Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Gosford regions and nearby areas.

Why use our timber flooring systems:


A flexible and light-weight building system. This allows for long spans for floor construction. The panels are precision designed and fabricated to your specification.


Beam and joist arrangements form a supporting frame for a floor. Beams are thicker and longer and are laid vertically. Joists are typically shorter and lay across the beams to give them horizontal support.


Custom prefab flooring systems vastly improve construction safety. They reduce loose materials on site, minimising theft and OH&S concerns. The instant floor system acts as a secure foundation for the working site. At the same time, precise placement of the flooring reduces labour time and risk of injury.


Floor panels and cassettes are modular floor systems. The manufacturing process uses I-Joists, open web joists or traditional joists. They can be made to any customer requirement.


Prefabricated timber flooring system offers substantial environmental benefits. For example; long-term carbon absorption through timber.  It is cheaper, quicker to install and a safer and more durable alternative to steel.

Heyden Frame and Truss. Gosford, Newcastle, Northern Sydney and Central Coast Timber Flooring Systems.

The distinct, unique character of real wood flooring appeals to so many. Call us to discuss your design and building needs.

Heyden Frame and Truss’ Cassette Floor Panels are a prefabricated, light-weight timber flooring system. They are delivered to your site for same day installation. The instant erection of prefab flooring systems speeds up your project. This allows builders to receive progress payments faster. It also makes your site safer and more efficient.

Cassette Floor Panels are strong and flexible, comprising of Posi Struts, I-Joists and flooring products. Heyden Frame and Truss timber flooring systems are purpose built. We use advanced MiTek software. This ensures designs are put together as quickly as possible while reducing variables. We can easily accommodate shower set downs, penetrations for services, stair voids and timber beams. This is because our Cassette Floor Panels are made to order. We can easily incorporate your unique design into our timber flooring systems. We use the latest technology and advanced machinery. Heyden Frame and Truss always produces floors with acute precision.

We are at the forefront of timber flooring system manufacturing. We’re a one stop shop for your flooring needs and your building projects. With over 30 years’ experience we offer cost effective, high quality timber flooring systems your neighbours will envy. 

We supply and deliver all over Northern Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

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