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Frame and Truss Manufacturers Servicing Sydney Suburbs

It’s great news if you have secured your building contract for your new home and are located in the Sydney suburbs. It’s even better news when you know that you project will be completed on time and budget with quality finishes, without any hassle. The key to this is finding reliable and trustworthy trades and suppliers. Heyden Frame and Truss are timber roof truss and wall frame manufacturer that you can rely on to build your project, without delays.

All around Australia, specifically in Sydney, there are several manufacturers of wall frames and timber roof trusses to consider for your next project. How do you make the right selection? You can find some that are reasonable, some better and a few that come under the category of market leaders, trusted over a long period of time in the business.

If your building project is being built within the Sydney area, your best choice would be Heyden Truss and Frame. They are are an Australian owned and operated business, with over 30 years’ experience in the wall frames and timber roof trusses sector. With the latest technological manufacturing equipment, state of the art software and our experienced estimators/designers, Heyden Truss and Frame is able to design and prefabricate almost any size and shape of your required prefabricated frames and trusses.

Frame and Truss ManufacturersThese structures are commonly used in Australian homes these days. Trusses in buildings allow constructors to build open, large spaces, using fewer materials. These structures are web shaped and are used to carry tremendous weight and create interesting shapes, especially when applied to complex buildings and structures.

Wall frames in the construction of a house includes the horizontal and vertical members of interior partitions and exterior walls, called wall plates, studs and lintels. They serve as a base for nailing the covering materials and also provide support for the ceiling, the upper floors and roof.

Heyden Truss and Frame will meet and exceed your expectations and it doesn’t matter how simple, big or complicated, your building design. This is just one of the reasons why we have the confidence in offering you  high-quality products and services. We know that you will be fully satisfied with the product we produce and deliver to you. When we make our offer, we consider everything, including your timeline and most importantly, your budget.

Our staff of designers, engineers and others are always working together to design, fabricate and even install your roof trusses made of timber and wall frames to your satisfaction. We follow the strictest standards laid down by the local and state authorities and our prefabricated wall frames and timber roof trusses, which have several advantages to offer, which includes the ability to carry heavy loads, the second and forthcoming feature is its light weight and hence is easy to work around and easy installation on-site. This simple procedure can save you a lot of effort, money, and time.

So, when you need a truss and frame manufacturer servicing Sydney? With Heyden Frame and Truss, you don’t have to go too far. Remember, we are just a phone call away.

Please get in touch with us, so we can discuss how we can help you build your dream project. Contact us on (02) 4351 2616 or visit us at We can also give you a free, no-obligation quote, if that helps.

Our service areas include Central Coast, Gosford, Newcastle, Sydney suburbs and all surrounding areas.