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Setting a Budget for the Timber Frame
supplies needed for your Home.

The timber frame of your new home is the spine of the construction. It pays to invest in the best quality materials.  Finding the right supplier can help. Excellent manufacturing and installation means your building is still standing strong,  years down the track.


The cost of your timber frame construction can vary from $35 to $85 per square metre. That depends on a range of factors. It can be around 20 to 33% of the total price of the build. Cheaper options are available for simple structures like a garages. Or you can go for high-end, customised frames. That will cost more, as the truss builder needs to produce to individual plans.

Factors that affect your timber frame budget.

You should budget up to a third of the total construction cost on your framing. There are factors that will influence the overall price.


A single storey home is going to cost less than a multi-storey home. If you have a regular rectangular design, the framing will be easier to design and manufacture. If you get creative and have a home with curves it will cost more.

Two other important factors when you are budgeting for the timber frame construction include:
The type of timber frame.

Are you looking for a full timber frame solution? Or a hybrid that includes metal?


Don’t underestimate the structural integrity of timber. In many ways, it is more durable than steel. That’s because it’s not prone to rust and corrosion. Your budget will depend on whether you want all timber or metal with timber accents for aesthetics.

The finishing.

The timber frame is the spine of your home but the cost can begin to go up due to other elements. Your flooring may eat more of your budget if you want timber floorboards. The walls and cladding need to be considered as well.

Shop around to get the best price and quality.

The cost of your timber walls and roof trusses is obviously important. But the quality of manufacturing and installation needs to be high as well. Don’t spend large amounts on a poorly manufactured home framing structure.


Heyden Frames and Truss will help you with quality timber frame solutions at a budget-friendly price.


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