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How Do I Work Out a Budget For the Frame Construction For My Home or Project?

After years of living in a rented house and hard work to save money for a deposit for a new home, you have finally decided to construct a timber frame home of your own. As is the case with many people, you are of course thinking about your budget; and you want to know how much it would cost or a budget for you to construct your home. Preparing a budget for a timber-frame home construction is distinctive to each client and project, depending on the designs and specs of the home, so it’s important to obtain as much information as you can.

A company, who specialises in the construction of such homes, for example Heyden Frames and Truss, can provide you with the estimate you need. However, because every would-be homeowner has  different tastes and budget, the cost or estimate will be subject to those needs.

Timber Frame Construction

Normally your building cost will be made up of timber frames, SIPs (structural insulated panels), doors and windows, siding, roofing and trim. This typically tends to be one third of the total cost of construction. The remaining two thirds are variables. To come up with a budget for a new timber frame home, you need to consider the following key factors.

* The size of the home that you have in mind and are planning to build. Would it be something simple that is rectangular in shape or one with extension of a room that creates a projection in a room and timber roof trusses that vary in proportion and design? The home area, story levels and complexity of your design are big variables on what your home will cost.

* Hybrid or full timber frame. With a timber frame home, you are free to feature timber framing all throughout, for your home’s structural integrity or, you can also choose to accent just an area or two of your home with timber, which will cost you less.

* How you intend to finish your timber frame home. The fixtures that you will add, including flooring and cabinetry are costs that can go up or down.

There are a lot of elements that go into the construction of a timber frame home and much of the cost to build your home with timber roof trusses will depend on your design choices. Prefabricated timber house frames are now a popular option in Australian homes. We design and manufacture frames and trusses using the latest technology and the best graded timbers. We will deliver your timber wall frames and roof trusses on site pre-assembled and our team will have them installed to your satisfaction and on your request.

To keep you from wondering and worrying about your budget, we recommend that we discuss your concerns with us. You may already have your home design ready, which we are happy to quote, or we can help with a redesign or a brand-new design. Using our sophisticated design software, we can help assist to bring your construction cost down if that is what you need.

Timber Frame Construction

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