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How Do Trusses and Rafters Differ From Each Other?

If you’re building a new home or project you will need to decide whether you want to support the roof with trusses or rafters. These are different types  of roofing systems and both provide support for the roof. Though both of them have a triangle shape, trusses have more triangle webs inside the main frame, which gives more support to the roof than rafters.

Timber frame trusses are assembled off site, in the manufacturers  factory, so, it can save you a lot of construction time. On the other hand, rafters are done at the site, while your home is being built, and may be subject to human error and wastage of materials. Trusses may be more expensive than rafters, but the rafters being assembled on the site may involve more labour costs, therefore, the total cost can tend to be significantly higher. Now it is up to you to make a choice. Will you use rafters or roof trusses for your roof support?

It seems a daunting task to choose between timber roof trusses and rafters, so if you cannot decide which one to use for roof support, you can get in touch with Heyden Frame and Truss for advice, information and insight. They have a team that is able to provide you with all the help that you need, when it comes to your new home project.

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These days, people prefer to use trusses for their roof because it’s stronger. When you consider the overall costs, trusses are also a bit cheaper, although they may be expensive initially. In addition, timber roof trusses have an aesthetic appeal and quality, as well as having durability.

You do not have to search further, if you are looking for a manufacturer of engineered timber roof trusses for your new home project. Heyden Frame and Truss are experts in timber wall frames and trussed roofs. We prefabricate your roof support, regardless of the shape or complexity and we design them with modern software that incorporates the latest trends and development. We also conduct structural analysis to determine the effects of load on physical structures, such as buildings and we will come with custom designs, based on your drawings or building plans.

For your wall frames and timber roof trusses, we only use timber and materials of the best quality.  When we work on our prefabricated products, we design them for strength and durability, to make sure that it will last for many years. We have a team of professional roofers who customise your home design, so that it’s designed as per your needs and preferences.

Heyden Frame and Truss has been in this business for more than 30 years. We service customers in Sydney, Gosford, Central Coast, Newcastle and surrounding areas for their home projects, big or small. If you are interested in discussing your next project, please contact us for a fast quote. You can reach us on 02 4351 2616 or visit us at

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We promise to work with you from the start to the completion of your project, so you won’t need to look any further for other services. When it comes to wall frames and roof trusses, remember: we have got you covered.