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How feature trusses bring more
character to a home

When you’re looking for a way to make your home stand out, structural design choices are a great way forwards. These ensure that you draw the eye to the right parts of your home and have something interesting to look at for your guests. Feature trusses are ideal for adding this little bit of value and character to your property. Read on to learn more about what a feature truss is and the benefits of using a feature truss in your home.

What is a feature truss?

A feature truss is a structural truss, such as timber roof trusses, that the designer or builder of a home moves from being a hidden and structural part of a property to be a design feature in the building. A feature truss serves as a central point in any room, bringing extra warmth to the property as the exposed timber has a more homely feel than the majority of alternative roof and ceiling options.

The benefits of a feature truss

There are several benefits of using a feature truss in your home, including:

A better looking home

One of the benefits of using feature trusses in your home is the fact that your home looks and feels better as a result. Introducing timber to the aesthetic of a home provides a more rustic feeling to the property and means that introducing hardwood flooring and furniture to the property prevents a clash with the rest of the room. Exposed roof trusses bring an owner more in touch with their home and provides another design dimension.

Higher property value

Another benefit of using feature trusses is the fact that they introduce greater property value to the building. A feature truss is a beautiful part of a home that is integral to the way that the property looks and feels. This introduces more value than a design theme such as having good paintwork, as the paint is a temporary aspect of the way a house looks. Having timber roof trusses that are exposed to the rest of the property introduces innate value.

Simpler maintenance

Maintaining and diagnosing issues with feature trusses is simpler than doing so with standard roof trusses. This is because a feature truss is more visible, so in the event of severe weather causing issues there’s no need to dismantle the home to check for damage. You can simply take a look at the truss and establish whether it’s still in the best possible condition.

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