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How Long Does Timber Cladding Last?

Are you looking for a way to create a more beautiful finish for the walls of your home or building project? Simple. When you consult a manufacturer of timber roof trusses and wall frames, like Heyden Frame and Truss, there will the benefits of why a cladding solution would be your best option.

Timber wall cladding, as the name suggests, is the process of using timber to cover an exterior wall of a structure, which technically, is meant to protect the walls of a building from moisture and other elements. It is an environmentally friendly method that has gained popularity among builders and architects. Sometimes, timber cladding is also referred to as weatherboarding or weather boards.

The material for wall cladding does not have to be timber, of course. But wood has a natural, aesthetic appeal that makes it a popular choice that will always stay in fashion.

Here are some benefits that you can expect to get when you use timber cladding for your building.

Natural Beauty

Home and commercial builders always turn to timber cladding because of its undeniable beauty. Timber gives a warm feel and tends to blend easily with their natural surroundings.


Timber as cladding material is eco-friendly and is probably the best material you can use for a building. For every tree that is felled, there will always be a replacement that is planted. It can also help to fight global warming, as it can store carbon from the atmosphere.

Naturally Insulating (for heat and sound)

Wood is undeniably a natural insulator, because of the air pockets within. It is also a great sound insulator, for keeping the noise out.


Timber cladding, compared to other finishing materials, is far easier to replace or change, as you can work with this material without hassle. Changing or replacing timber cladding would not cost you much, because you wouldn’t be needing any special equipment to customise it.

Time and Cost Effective

Timber is a great choice to use by builders on a budget. It being lightweight makes it easy to transport and install.

If you’re ready to get your timber cladding project off the ground and get all the benefits that it offers, such as insulation, noise reduction and an attractive appeal, just get in touch with Heyden Frame and Truss. 

Of course, we are aware that you want to protect your building’s structure from wind, rain and other natural elements. That is why we are here, ready to help. Heyden Frame and Truss is able and willing to do our part, when it comes to quality exterior walls of any profile that you may need.

Our more than 30 years in the wall frames and roof trusses fabrication, our state-of-the-art equipment and our team of skilled engineers and designers make us a specialist in the construction industry.


So, contact us for a fast quote now. Contact us on (02) 4351 2616. We will be glad to speak to you, so we can discuss how we can help. If you need additional information, you can visit us at www.heydenframeandtruss.com.au.

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