Floor Truss

How Often Do You Need To Replace Floor Trusses?

To build a safe and reliable building structure, installing floor trusses is a must. Many builders highly recommend the installation of floor trusses in their buildings. A floor truss is a unique structure, carefully engineered to keep the floors sturdy and strong. Many homeowners may not be aware of these types of trusses that can be installed in their houses. However, once you install floor trusses, you will understand why the cost is worth it. A floor truss can add impeccable quality to any floor, even hardwood floors.

A few advantages of using floor trusses are:

  • Reduces vibrations, when people walk on the floor
  • Provides an even and levelled flooring
  • Reduces wastage, during construction and installation.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lots of freedom to design the truss in whatever way you wish.

The type of floor truss you chose mainly depends on the design and structure of your home. For homes with lots of heavy furniture, a wooden truss is ideal and will help distribute the weight evenly over the floor. In areas with lighter material furniture, an open-web truss may be the best choice to help tune out any movement or vibrations. Both kinds, wooden or open-web truss, can provide sturdiness and stability that a floor alone cannot provide.

Floor TrussOnce you have a floor truss installed or whether it’s an existing system, you might curious as to when you will have to replace it. You will need to replace a floor truss, if it gets damaged, either due to moisture, heavy loads or other environmental factors. If you walk across a floor and feel a sagging or upward bowing, then it is time to replace your truss. Other indicators include damage due to water, severe fungi, insect damage or rotting; all which means that it is time to change your floor truss.

Firstly, you need to assess the problem and check whether a floor truss needs to be completely replaced or just reinforced. This inspection needs to be carried out by a reliable truss manufacturing company, like Heyden Frame and Truss. We will assess the problem of your floor trusses and any other part of the structure and work with our experienced engineers to come up with a durable and affordable solution. In some cases, the damaged truss can be reinforced by the method of ‘sistering’, i.e., fixing similar trusses to the sides of the broken one.

In situations where the floor truss needs to be completely replaced, you can trust on our expert team at Heyden Frame and Truss to do an excellent job. We have over 30 years of experience in this industry and will take care of everything, from the initial design, all the way until completion. Look no further for a reliable truss manufacturer. Get in touch with one of our team members today on (02) 4351 2616 or email us at [email protected], to get a free quote with absolutely no obligations. At Heyden Frames and Truss, we create custom trusses of all shapes and sizes for all kinds of structures.

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