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How to Build Lean to Roof Trusses?

If you’ve been in the construction industry over a long period of time, then you will have been most likely across lean to roof trusses.

The lean-to roof is a pitched roof; it is also known as a sloping roof. It’s the simplest way of making a connection to an existing building. This type of roof is popular to homeowners and builders as it makes the best use of any space that is available.

A lean-to roof is mainly used, when constructing sheds, carports, verandas or any simple extension to a home. It is a freestanding structure, meaning it stands alone or on its own foundation. Building a lean to roof for whatever purpose, is quite a venture, because it requires skills in carpentry and the ability to measure and cut the rafters properly. If the roofing materials are not installed correctly or no ventilation is provided, this can result in serious water damage to your structure.

When you need a lean to roof for your home project, you can either do it by what they call stick framing or order a lean to roof truss from a roof truss manufacturer, such as Heyden Frame and Truss. Stick framing means that you build the roof on the construction site one piece, at a time, while roof truss framing is delivered to you already assembled and can be installed to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Roof TrussesIf you are thinking of a do-it-yourself approach, you will have to first gather your materials. You will need to buy and source timber for your rafters. You will have to determine everything, in preparation for the job in hand. You will have to select 2 x 4” timber, for your roof framing and make sure that the quality of your material will not compromise the amount of load that they can carry. There are also other things to consider, including purchasing extra timber and adding a drip edge, so that water can drain properly.

A lean-to roof can support metal roofing, cement tiles or other roofing materials that are specified for the home. You should know how to space your support beams, when using cement tiles and when using metal roofing.

When the right procedure is followed and the roofing materials are stored correctly, a lean-to roof will last anywhere, from 20-70 years; however, it all depends on the type of material for roofing that you selected, weather conditions, geographical areas, etc. To avoid mistakes and encountering problems, such as the frame not being able to support the weight of the roof or leaks developing and causing significant structural damage to your building, roofing should be left to a reliable roof truss manufacturer. They have the expertise, experience, and the right tools and equipment, without risking injury or wasting materials.

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