Looking For Cladding For Your Home’s Exterior?

When working on your home or a building project, there is a lot to organise. One area you should give some  thought to is, timber cladding and how it can keep the building safe from harmful weather elements, as well as deliver a great aesthetic appeal to the home or project. Wall cladding is the process of applying one material over the other material, to create a “skin”layer over the wall of the house.

Exterior cladding for the home has several purposes, some of which include the protection of the building and its occupants. The mechanical structure of your building will remain in good condition because the cladding will make the house able to adapt, to the changing and harsh weather conditions. The cladding will also reduce the amount of water being absorbed; as well as give protection against air and chemical pollution. This is particularly true in regions that have extreme conditions, at any time of the year.

Exterior cladding for the home also provides designers, contractors and homeowners hard-wearing, beautiful appearances, in addition to sound and thermal insulation, fire resistance and easy cleaning, in a dusty and polluted environment. The benefits are numerous – practical and environmental.


The common materials that builders use in exterior cladding for the home are timber, steel, vinyl and stone. Timber is the most popular of the three because of the following reasons:

  • Timber makes a beautiful cladding material because it is natural and has a wonderful warm, comfortable and eye-catching appearance. It enhances the beauty of a building, as you can achieve with it, a complete spectrum of natural tones that evolves, as the timber ages.
  • Exterior cladding for the home uses timber that can be trimmed to any size and can be available in many different patterns and colours. These can also be applied to lots of architectural designs – painted, stained or it can go through its weathering process gradually, over a long period.
  • Timber is a durable, natural material and designed to withstand all conditions and impacts. When properly maintained, it can last many, many years.

Other positive qualities of timber cladding include that it’s economical, cost efficient, sustainable and  environmentally friendly.

If you’re unsure which type of cladding to choose for your construction, Heyden Frame and Truss has a comprehensive guide of timber cladding options that you can select from.

We offer lower installation costs, for our cladding systems. They are high-resistant to impact and are built in such a way that it remains unaffected by the harsh weather conditions of regional areas and main city suburbs. Our cladding has waterproof sealing; its hygienic, durable and can be a great alternative to tiles or painting.

When you think of exterior wall coverings that will provide protection to the interior and external parts of your construction, remember that Heyden Frame and Truss is just a phone call away. We can help you in making a critical choice, as to the type of cladding and how the interior and exterior of your home can look great for a long period of time, as well as keeping maintenance to a minimum.

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