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Need a building design costing for
timber trusses and wall frames?

If you need a building estimate for wall frames and timber trusses for your next build, then it’s important to source a trusted and reliable supplier. Understanding the price of every part of the build is essential because it helps you learn what you can achieve on your budget. This determines the kind of property you’re able to build.


Getting a complete and accurate building estimate for your timber trusses and frames is always essential before a build. These constructions don’t have a set price, and there are many considerations that go into the price of timber. Here are some of the most common factors:

The amount of timber is taken into account for a building estimate

The roof’s size naturally impacts how much timber you’ll need to adequately cover the whole truss and frame. Roof trusses alone come in many varieties so they can best fit your property, with custom options also available. The more timber you’ll require for this building, the pricier this can be as it needs more raw materials.


When considering the pitch of the roof and its shape will also affect how much timber you have to employ for trusses. In terms of wall frames, the same is also true, as the home’s dimensions may mean you require more wood. Regardless, it helps to note that timber wall frames are usually much cheaper than those of many other materials. As a cost-effective material, timber is worth choosing for your truss or frame.

The complexity of the truss or frame

Timber roof trusses or wall frames have plenty of different designs and features that can easily impact the cost. For example, these creations may have gable ends, ridge lines, hip ends, and other design choices. The more complex the truss, the more effort goes into its construction, giving it a slightly higher price tag.


Timber wall frames arguably have more complexity to contend with, as there’s a wide range of home designs and plans. Everything from the windows to the ceilings can influence the final price of your timber wall frame. With precise design and tolerances, you can be sure that the frame perfectly fits the structure, no matter the complexity.

The cost of the installation process impacts your
building estimate

If you need a truss or frame, you aren’t just paying for the part, you’re also paying for its installation. As a result of this, prefabricated pieces are usually the best (and the cheapest) way to go. This is where the timber company creates the product to the given specifications in a factory before the installation.


This way, it’s much easier for the professionals to place the structure onto the building in a single day. It’s also helpful for letting you close the roof, for example, which reduces the effects of moisture and bad weather. By choosing prefabricated trusses and frames, you get a smoother and faster installation.


Many factors go into a timber truss or frame’s price, and you always require an accurate cost estimate. We can provide quotes, budgets, and advice, so please contact us today on (02) 4351 2616 and speak to one of our experts.


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