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Are You An Owner-Builder Looking For
A Reliable Timber Truss Company?

If you’re an owner-builder, you may be struggling to find a reliable timber truss company. You don’t have the reach of a big contractor, but that’s where we come in. Read on to find out more about what role a good timber truss company can play in your building project.

What is a timber truss?

A a structural framework put in place above a room. It provides support for the roof and ensures the next level is secure. There are several types. A King Post truss is typically used for short spans. A Queen Post truss is vertical with two triangles on each side This acts as a keystone for the overall roof structure. It is essential to ensure that your trusses are sound.

How to find a reliable timber truss company

Find and read reviews

One thing to look for in a timber truss company is a high standard of existing reviews. That way, you filter out the bad guys. Narrow the field down to a shortlist of companies you feel you can trust.

Talk to the companies

Don’t be afraid to have a discussion with companies about your project needs. A good supplier will be happy to tell you their prices and be able assess your project. Being able to talk openly is essential. Ensure you speak to the company about your plans before you work with them.

Check their pricing

Once you have a shortlist of companies, establish the price points. A quote that is very different to the others should be avoided. Be sure you’re getting good value. You don’t want to be paying over the odds for basic timber.

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