Prefabricated Timber Wall Frames

Prefabricated Timber Wall Frames Sydney

Have you been thinking about the material you will use for the roof trusses and wall frame for your next home or building project? Most constructions in Sydney and on the Central Coast use premade timber frames, manufactured by specialist companies such as Heyden Frame and Truss. When these structures are made in the factory, you are assured that they are accurately fabricated to precise specifications in a controlled environment. They are not constructed on the job site, which can be exposed to the external elements.

The prefabricated timber frames can be erected on-site rapidly. With a roof structure formed from timber trusses, you can create a weatherproof building in a matter of a few days. This allows you to continue working within the building in a sheltered environment, while roof finishes and cladding are also being installed simultaneously.

Prefabricated timber frames are used not only on houses; they are also extensively used for schools, apartments, hotels, office buildings, and sporting facilities. They are also frequently used for buildings that are two stories high.

Choosing to self-build is a rewarding experience, both financially and aesthetically. At Heyden Frame and Truss, we have been helping owner builders construct, beautiful, low energy timber frame homes, for more than 30 years now.

If you’d are considering using prefabricated timber wall frames for your self-build project, there are some benefits to consider when making your decision. See our list below:

Prefabricated Timber Wall Frames

* You have a specific budget

The work on prefabricated timber wall frames takes place off site, in a dry and clean factory, where the impact of weather is greatly reduced. Within this controlled environment, your specific time frames can be met, thus making your budget more predictable.

* You build faster

Building a prefabricated timber wall frame is much quicker than the traditional brick and block method, as timber frames can be erected during most weather conditions. Heyden Frame and Truss team works throughout the year, so your build time can be managed without restrictions except for a few week at Christmas time, thereby vastly reducing the cost of construction.

* You can build a warm home

A naturally insulating material, timber gives a prefabricated timber wall frame a high level of thermal efficiency.

* You can build with a versatile material

The versatility of timber frame allows us to create buildings for just about any design – from a traditional rustic retreat to an ultra-modern city residence.

* You build a long-lasting home

A well-built timber frame home will last for many years. That’s because timber is incredibly robust and tough, making it an ideal builders’ choice for roof trusses and wall frames.

* You build green

Timber is classified as carbon neutral – and an infinite renewable material. We are committed to the environment, be confident with your choice to use timber frames as at least one tree is planted to replace one that is felled. At Heyden Frame and Truss we take our green commitment very seriously.

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