Heyden Frame and Truss have been manufacturing and supplying roof trusses and joists from Northern Sydney to Newcastle region for the past 30 years. We pride ourselves on our growth as a business built on hard work, customer service and efficiency.

Our prefabricated roof trusses are designed with the most up-to-date software and are manufactured to above Australian standards. We deliver and install in Sydney, North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter regions.


All of our timber roof trusses are perfectly structured framework of timbers designed to bridge the void between your family’s living space and your roof. We will give you peace of mind that your new roof trusses from Heyden Frame and Truss will keep you and your family safe and sound for many years to come.

We create prefabricated timber roof trusses, of any shape or complexity, undertake structural analysis, and generate custom designs based on your building plans.

Engineering experts at Heyden Frame and Truss will make sure your roof trusses meet Australian engineering and safety standards, and any other special needs you may have. 

Give us a call or upload your plans and one of our experienced staff members will talk you through the next steps in building your dream home.

A few good reasons to use our Timber Roof Trusses.

  • They are designed and engineered to the highest industry standards. ISO 14001 and the National Construction Code (NCC)
  • Our trusses are specifically engineered to accommodate heavy loads.
  • We provide crane capabilities on site for safe and efficient installation.
  • We also provide unlimited roof design flexibilities.
  • Our trusses are lightweight and simple to install.

At Heyden Frame and truss we pride ourselves on providing quality components, accurate fabrication and constant quality controls, our frames and trusses are uniform in size and shape and provide the highest quality and structural integrity to any home.

Our Timber Roof Trusses are used in concrete formwork, and many other commercial and domestic projects.

3 reasons why you should consider Timber Roof Trusses.

  • Cost Effective

Timber trusses are less expensive than steel and take a fraction of the time to manufacture, therefore making it a more cost-effective option in home construction. Without the need for heavy lifting machinery or the need for expensive labour. Timber trusses are the economical choice and time efficient choice when building your next project.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Timber roof trusses are eco friendly because timber releases oxygen into the environment.  During manufacturing, it creates less waste and pollution. Furthermore, Timber used in construction is renewable and helps define sustainable development that’s good for the environment.

  • Durability and Strength

During fabrication, accuracy is important to sustain the integrity and strength of the timber used in the construction projects, Consistent and frequent quality controls assure trusses are uniform in size and shape and provide required structural integrity to a building exceeding and conforming to Australian Standards . Timber roof trusses are designed and built to with stand the test of time and in many instances they will out perform other materials.


We offer Timber Roof trusses by design, supply and installation for all kind of construction and building projects. We are very confident in the ability of our product to meet the needs of any housing and construction project.

Talk to US about your building project and we will supply you with the best Timber Roof Trusses in the Central Coast and Sydney.

Explore our website and be sure to contact us to discuss your next project.










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