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What Are Some Advantages Of
Using Timber Trusses?

In the construction industry, timber trusses and wall frames have become prominent to home builders and contractors, especially in roof framing, which has evolved over many decades. Today, more than eighty per cent of new constructions in Australia are using trusses in roof support and framing .This is not surprising, because trusses offer several advantages to homeowners and builders, when used to build a house or project.

Here is a list of those advantages:

#1. Reduced Construction Expense

Trusses are prefabricated off the job site and once finished are delivered to the site, ready to be installed. This can reduce expenses significantly, as opposed to conventional rafters that can have a powerful effect in terms of expense and labour costs. Rafters need to be cut, custom-built and installed on the construction site.


Since trusses’ have got a unique web-like design, you can use smaller pieces of timber and thus are less expensive. You simply connect them together by tooth plate connectors. This design provides strength to the structure and allows you to depend less on the already over-loaded walls.


Additionally, you can feel comfortable that our roof trusses are built in a sheltered environment, they are protected from moisture and other weather conditions. This results in trusses of good quality and they can be delivered to your home or project quickly.

#2. Quicker Installation

As mentioned, conventional rafters are usually built on the construction site, while trusses are prefabricated in a separate factory. Tools, such as computer-aided saws and other automated equipment are used for precision cuts and other measurements. Once completed, the truss can be delivered and installed, often times, the same very day.


This process of prefabricating the trusses results in the construction process moving rapidly. Closing out the structure ahead of, or on time. This makes the interior of the home, less prone to different elements of the weather, while the building process is ongoing.

#3. Design Flexibility

You may notice that the technology for home building is developing gradually, you as a home builder or contractor tend to work with roof designs that are more complex in range. Roof trusses can be put together in a particular form that is able to accommodate any design or shape that you need.

Roof trusses can be constructed economically, as they are professionally engineered; so that even the smallest details of the design can be precisely done. This is in contrast, when you build traditional rafters and you wish to add various features, such as cross gables, unique angles or cathedral ceilings. The expense here will consequently become more, in comparison to trusses.

Most builders and construction companies agree that engineered  timber roof trusses are your best option, due to the above-cited reasons.


If you’re looking for the best choice in companies to build the roof trusses for your home, contact Heyden Frame and Truss on 02 4351 2616. Our team of contractors have decades of experience, skills and knowledge and with us, you are sure to get your money’s worth. If you need a fast, no obligation quote or wish to learn more about our trusses, we will be happy to help.

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