Roof Trusses

Where can I Buy Roof Trusses?

Roof trusses are triangular structures that give stability and support to the roof. They also make it possible, for the weight of the roof to be dispersed away, from the exterior walls of the building. It is usual that trusses are made from timber in residential buildings and from steel in commercial designs.

If you are a DIY person, you may think about building your own roof trusses for your project. You should be aware that there are steps to follow when constructing roof trusses, such as the following:

  • You need to prepare a design layout. A professional architect can do this, or you use a software that is used specifically to design a DIY roof truss.
  • Next step would be to prepare the needed materials, like timber, the necessary builder’s tools, galvanized steel roof truss plates and galvanized screw 1-1/2 inches. These steel materials have a zinc coating that can protect from occurrence of corrosion.
  • Then you cut the timber based on the design specifications and the size of the roof. It must also follow the practices stipulated by the local building standards and codes.
  • Join the galvanized steel connector plates and the timber together in the shape of a triangle and fasten them together, by galvanized steel screws.

You might find that this method of learning how to construct DIY roof trusses is a bit more intricate than other methods. Besides the interconnecting parts and elements, you will also have to consider the stress of cyclones and the harsh weather conditions. You also need to take extra steps in cutting the gusset that give extra support and strength to the truss. Also, to consider, is the space to indulge in architectural design and the need to stay within your defined budget.

Roof Trusses These days many home builders simply decide on ordering prefabricated roof trusses from reputed manufacturers like Heyden Frame and Truss. Your structure will be made to order and constructed off site in our facility and delivered to your building site once completed. Building trusses on site is labour intensive, while the prefabricated ones will help you save on materials, money and time.

The expert team of Heyden Frame and Truss can assure you that your roof trusses will meet all engineering and safety standards; including any current Australian standards – like for example, if your project is to be built in tropical cyclone areas, needs roof mounted hot water services or cater for heavy rain and heat conditions. We can give you peace of mind knowing that the roof of your property is able to stand up to the various external elements.

If you prefer the prefabricated timber roof trusses over the DIY structures, it’s easy to discover their other benefits. They can be installed quickly and easily and can save you labour costs and time. Another thing to consider, is that they are accurate because they are created in the factory using precision jigs. You won’t have any unnecessary activity on site in correcting the measurements.

Next time you’re building your new project, it might be helpful to discuss with our experts and learn about the advantages of using prefabricated timber roof trusses. If you decide to contact us for a fast quote, you can call (02) 4351 2616 or visit us at

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