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Where Do I Find High Quality
and Durable Wall Cladding?

Are you a DIY home builder or a property developer? Or do you just need a facelift of the external part of your home or project? Heyden Frame and Truss is a professional prefab manufacturer, with specialisations in roof truss designs, wall frames and other structures that include cladding systems. Our workforce is experienced at what they do and are always working hard to ensure that we deliver to you the products that meet your exact specifications.

The services of Heyden Frame and Truss is widely sought, and we pride ourselves for our efficiency, reliability, and quality of our finished products. These qualities have made us the choice manufacturer for the building industry, throughout several regions of Australia. We have over 30 years’ experience in the industry and we are able to assist builders, in achieving the best prefab solutions for their building projects.

We can also help you, if you want to put some decorative covering on your walls, to make it appear to be made of a different type of material. This is called or referred to as wall cladding. While you usually see it on the exterior walls, it can also be used in interior decorating as an aesthetic element.

At Heyden Frame and Truss, we use the classic and modern styles for your wall cladding from our preferred supplier Weathertex. The company is a specialist and preferred provider of exterior wall panels and weatherboard (a series of horizontal boards nailed to the outside wall, to keep out the weather and rain). Heyden Frame and Truss and Weathertex offers you the best products that you might need and available in the market, so you do not need to look far and wide, to find what you require.



Wall cladding has a two-fold function: protection and decoration. The cladding panels protect the building from exterior elements and to keep the moisture out. To improve water resistance, sealants such as caulk may be used. Wall cladding can also help prevent the spread of fire. For decoration purposes, cladding provides the finish that you desire for your structure.

You do not have to be concerned about your budget for cladding, as Heyden Frame and Truss is committed to provide you a high-quality product at a very affordable price. There should be no worries about going over-board with your budget. We will be doing our best to keep costs down for you.


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