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Where To Buy Roof Trusses?

Prefab Homes

Trusses are structural frameworks used to support and strengthen a roof’s frame. They consist of triangular wooden structures that maintain the integrity of a roof. Compared to conventional roofing, roof trusses are less expensive. When building trusses, only the necessary timber is used, and there is no waste on-site.


The frames and trusses of Australian homes are typically made of timber. Frames and trusses can be produced to standard sizes as well as customized to accommodate bigger timber sizes or smaller spacing.


No matter if your design is simple or complex, roof trusses can be made to fit your needs since they are engineered with precision equipment and can be manufactured to meet your project’s needs.

What are the different types of roof trusses?

  • – Queen Post truss: There are typically two triangles on either side of a vertical upright that makes up a queen post truss. As the fink truss has now replaced these, they are not commonly used anymore.
  • – Fink truss: It has a ‘W’ shape between its chords and is a very common roofing truss type. The shape is very simple but effective and can be applied to a wide variety of projects.
  • – Double Pitch Profile truss: In addition to being used in commercial buildings, this type of truss is also used in some homes.
  • – Mono Pitch Truss: Mono-pitch trusses have a single rafter, and they are right-angle trusses that are used to build lean-to roofs and single-pitch roofs.
  • – Scissor Truss (also known as Vaulted Truss): The scissor truss can also create additional ceiling shapes, such as vaulted ceilings.
  • – Raised Tie Truss: A vaulted ceiling is created using raised tie trusses. The lower chord of the ceiling is raised so that the profile becomes flatter with angled edges.

The benefits of pre-fabricated roof trusses

From the earliest days of engineering, roof trusses have been used in building construction, and they are still an important part of structural design today. This construction element’s unique combination of strength, lightweight, durability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness has made it the most preferred and common structural element in Australian roofs.

The advantages of prefabricated timber roof trusses include convenient installation as well as stability, resilience, and durability. They usually hold their own against the extreme weather events that Australia is known for.

When you opt for prefabricated timber roof trusses, you don’t need to worry about any on-site issues. Trusses and frames are delivered ready for installation from the factory, eliminating the need for strenuous work during the construction process.

Trusses are typically designed according to the theme you are looking for, the size and span of your roof, and the overall strength and condition of the cladding. Therefore, prefabricated timber trusses are designed and fabricated according to each project’s unique requirements.

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