Timber Roof Trusses

Why use Timber Flooring Systems?

Homeowners across Australia love hardwood floors. In heritage-listed homes as well as new homes, timber flooring is a timeless classic that only improves with age. There are many reasons why timber floors are considered the best flooring choice when building or renovating.

Transform a house into a home

With its naturally warm vibe, timber floors offer a lot of variety and a vast range of colours. This makes them perfect for transforming a house into a home. The numerous species of Australian timber vary and have a distinctive appearance that isn’t seen in wood from other sources. We have a range of flooring systems roof trusses, prefab timber wall frames, and modern house cladding to suit your needs.

Easier to maintain

In addition to being more durable and stronger than many other flooring products, timber floors are also healthier, natural, and easy to clean. This makes them superior to carpeted floors, which trap dirt and allergens and are short-lived. The lifespan of a quality timber floor is over 100 years, and the flooring can be repurposed at the end of its life cycle. It is common for carpet floors to require replacement after ten to fifteen years. As far as maintenance is concerned, timber floors are also more practical. To keep a timber floor clean, use an antistatic mop to pick up dust and grit weekly, and a damp mop monthly. If you want to extend the life of the floor’s surface coating, avoid wet mops and steam mops. By creating a relaxing and comfortable environment, timber floors help transform a house into a home.

Energy efficient

As a natural wood product, timber floors are more energy-efficient than most other surfaces and require less energy to produce. In addition to being made from timber sourced from Australia’s carefully managed forests, many Australian timber floors are also sustainable. Wood products help mitigate climate change by storing a lifetime’s worth of carbon, removing it from the atmosphere. According to a comparison of building materials, timber is responsible for less than 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents. This is compared with 12 tonnes for concrete, 11 tonnes for steel frames, and 5 tonnes for ceramic tiles. When disposed of, wood products naturally break down, while carpets, vinyl, or tiles will not.

Better for you and the environment

A timber floor not only benefits your home but the environment and yourself as well. According to Planet Ark, wood can enhance emotional states and levels of self-expression, reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels. They also improve air quality by reducing humidity and fight climate change by storing carbon for life. In Australia, timber flooring holds a healthy 25% share of the flooring market and is growing steadily. Timber floors are an investment for a lifetime – they not only add value to the house but also add character. Correctly installed timber floors last for a lifetime. Whether flooring systems, flooring trusses, or anything in between, we can provide quotes, budgets, and advice, so please contact us today on (02) 4351 2616 and speak to one of our experts. You can also visit us at www.heydenframeandtruss.com.au, if you need additional information about our products and services. We service the regions of Sydney, Gosford, Newcastle, Central Coast, and surrounding areas.