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Why use Timber Flooring Systems?

If you’re planning a dream home or considering a commercial build, it’s important to take into account every aspect of your structure. Just like timber floor trusses and roof frames, timber flooring systems are crucial elements which improve property value. Many people dedicate time to planning their floor coverings, but not nearly as much to thinking about what goes underneath. If you’re planning a build or remodel and are wondering whether timber flooring systems are the right fit for you, read on to learn more about how they can benefit your residential or commercial property with their incredible form, style and ease of use and maintenance.

Benefits of a timber flooring system

Timber flooring systems, which involve timber components fitted together as beams and I-joints, carry fantastic benefits for every property.


With a timber flooring system, you’ll create a strong foundation for your residential or commercial property.


When you install timber floor trusses , you’ll improve temperature regulation and keep your home comfortable. You won’t need to use as much energy to heat or cool your property, either – perhaps even saving you money on electricity bills!

Easy installation

If you choose a prefabricated system, you know you’ll save time and cost when it comes to installation. These systems are made off-site and delivered ready for same-day erection. Systems are made according to pre-cut lengths for easy bolting, making on-site work simpler and reducing the time needed to install your flooring. Prefabrication also improves on-site safety, reduces the number of loose materials, and minimises the threat of theft.


As timber flooring systems are eco-friendly products, there’s little impact on the planet when you choose them for your project. Wood is naturally renewable when sourced responsibly and is able to be recycled when you decide it’s time for a change. This means you’ll confidently be able to install a timber flooring system in your residential or commercial property, knowing that you’re doing that little bit extra for the environment.


Thanks to the hard flexibility of timber, timber flooring systems are designed to last a lifetime and offer a secure foundation for any property. In fact, some varieties of wood can last hundreds of years!

Easy care

Timber’s reasonably cheap and easy to care for. Reinforcing the timber for extra strength is fairly easy, so you won’t need to worry about investing time and money into costly maintenance.


Timber flooring systems come in a great range of options, with many shapes, sizes, colours, designs and textures for you to choose from.

Considering timber flooring? Choose Heyden Frame and Truss

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