Timber Roof Trusses

Why use Timber Flooring Systems?

Thinking of building a new home that you have always dreamed about? Or is it a commercial property for investment purposes? Regardless of what you want to build, it is important to remember that like the roof trusses and wall frames, timber flooring systems are also important structures that can add real value to your property.

When you’re constructing your home, usually a lot of thought goes into the floor coverings and very little thought is given to the flooring structure. These are both equally important, so it’s wise to give the same consideration to the flooring systems.

Heyden Frame and Truss is a leader in the manufacture of timber flooring systems. We are a company with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry and you can find everything you need for new builds under one roof, including the flooring systems. We can provide advice on the best flooring system, based on our experience in the construction industry.

A timber flooring system is a group of timber components that are joined and fitted together to provide a strong foundation for your home or project. It consists of beams and I-Joists that are arranged to give support to the floor. It has been a popular system in Australia for many years, which most owner builders and homeowners opt to use for their flooring support.

Our timber floor systems are prefabricated systems. They are manufactured at our own factory and once finished are delivered to your construction site, to be installed the same day. Prefabrication of your entire home or project, or a part of it is the latest thing trending in Australia right now, so it is not surprising to find prefabricated flooring systems also in Australian homes. Bearer and joist systems are acquired in pre-cut lengths, to be bolted together readily. This system simplifies on site construction and reduces the installation time. 

Timber Roof Trusses

Other benefits include safety at the site, quantity of loose materials is reduced and concerns about theft and occupational health and safety are minimised. Timber flooring systems are also eco-friendly, with minimal impact to the environment.

Timber flooring systems can last a lifetime, as the material is harder, yet flexible and more durable than other flooring system materials. This is one reason why timber has been in use for various structures over many years.

The structure provides a secure foundation for your home or project. The timber flooring system prefabricated by Heyden Frame and Truss is among the latest flooring systems in the market.

Besides the timber flooring systems, Heyden Frame and Truss also specialises in timber wall frames and roof trusses in all its complexity and shapes. Based on your own plans, we can generate custom designs for your dream home or project.

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